Why are Personal Injury Lawyers Advertising Aggressively on TV? A Closer Look

Many of us are familiar with the countless advertisements for personal injury lawyers that we see on the highway or while flipping through channels. But why are there so many? The answer lies in the competition and the unique business model that many offices have adopted. The ads help to reach clients who don't know any personal injury lawyers, can't trust references, or are unaware of their legal rights. They also help people understand that a personal injury lawyer is an option and hiring one will demonstrate that they are serious.

In addition, the ads help to dispel the common assumption that lawyers are expensive and the process is difficult. The “television lawyers” will admit (if they're honest) that they haven't taken any of their cases to trial, at least not in the last 10 to 15 years, but they know other lawyers who will do the dirty work for them. The caller had no idea which lawyer would be referred to in the process. Once you've taken the bait, the lawyers at “TV” will try to settle your case quickly and, in most cases, for a small fraction of the actual value of your case.

The dark side of lawyer advertising is that television lawyers have no intention of representing you in court or initiating litigation on your behalf. Many years ago, some clever people, mostly chiropractors, developed a system to circumvent these rules and began to publish advertisements about car accidents that no lawyer could legally publish. So why don't most good trial lawyers like these ads? Because when we have to select a jury, we have to address the public perception of lawyers in general. In addition, a minimum amount of liability insurance is now required for any lawyer using an attorney referral service.

When you want the personalized attention that only a local personal injury lawyer can provide, contact Rossetti DeVoto, P. There are a lot of good lawyers in Pasco County who still believe in personalized service, so if you don't come to my office, look for someone in good standing who still believes in the “old school” approach of meeting with clients one-on-one.

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