Standing Out as an Attorney: How to Become an Expert in the Legal Field

Reading is a great way to open your mind to new possibilities and ideas that can help you stand out as a lawyer. Becoming an expert in the legal field of your choice is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from other attorneys. Compassion is the foundation of good interpersonal skills and is essential for understanding the position of your adversary, anticipating their actions, and taking preventive measures for the benefit of your client. Without it, lawyers are often overly aggressive and unable to understand another person's point of view when it differs from their own.

This makes them ineffective at understanding the problem and providing an effective solution. In order to create unique solutions for our clients, we must be creative and think innovatively. The best way to do this is by approaching each situation with compassionate listening, which allows us to truly understand the problems and what the customer and the adversary need. This level of understanding can lead to lasting solutions that work for all stakeholders.

On the other hand, deadlocks often arise when opposing counsel does not approach the matter with compassionate listening and instead becomes overly aggressive. We must keep working, keep trying and move on. We should be able to leave when things don't work out, take a break and come back fresh and ready to “fight, negotiate, or whatever the matter requires”. Ultimately, it is the client's responsibility to make a decision, but it is our job as lawyers to ensure that they know and understand all relevant information so that they can make an informed decision.

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