Can a Lawyer Represent Two Clients in the Same Case? - An Expert's Perspective

It can be difficult for an attorney to provide both co-defendants with the competent and diligent representation they are entitled to. The United States Bar Association (ABA) advises against representing co-defendants, but there is no general law prohibiting it. The ABA, a group of legal professionals from across the country, points out that, in some cases, a lawyer can represent multiple clients in the same matter. The lawyer seeks to resolve any potential conflicting interests by developing the mutual interests of the parties. Therefore, a lawyer can attempt to establish or adjust a relationship between clients on a friendly and mutually beneficial basis; for example, helping to set up a business in which two or more clients are entrepreneurs, drafting the financial reorganization of a company in which two or more clients have interests, or organizing a distribution of properties as part of an estate liquidation.

If, for instance, attempts to negotiate with the parties fail, the lawyer will likely cease representing any of the clients in future proceedings on that issue. However, the rules of the Idaho Bar Association allow a lawyer to represent multiple people if this can be done without harming any of these individuals' interests.


who represent Idaho clients must not only comply with the legal requirements that apply to all Idaho citizens, but they must also adhere to the ethical rules that apply to lawyers. For example, if two neighbors are fighting over the location of a fence for their properties, it would normally be a conflict of interest to have a lawyer represent them both. Among these rules are provisions that prohibit a lawyer from representing a client when it creates a conflict of interest with another client.

Sending a contact form, sending a text message, making a phone call, or leaving a voice message does not create an attorney-client relationship. It is important to note that when a lawyer represents several clients, he has an obligation of loyalty to each client. For more comprehensive answers to your legal questions, contact an experienced commercial litigation lawyer that business owners can trust. Under certain circumstances, the rules of the Idaho Bar Association also forbid an attorney from representing two or more people at the same time, even if these individuals are not suing each other. The Model Rules of Professional Conduct state that the lawyer must discuss this fact because it is an essential part of the relationship between lawyers and their clients.

The lawyer must ensure that each person is represented in the best possible way without any conflict. The lawyer must also clearly explain how the relationship will not be that of a normal attorney-client relationship in these situations. In conclusion, it is possible for an attorney to represent two clients in the same case under certain circumstances. However, it is important for lawyers to be aware of potential conflicts of interest and ensure that they are acting ethically and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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